Radishes Again

I Was Looking for a Primrose
I missed it by a mile, huh?
I wanted to paint a primrose, but couldn't find any, so these radishes will have to do. They just aren't the same in the grocery store ~ I love them at the farmers' market with the sun shining right through them.

Bathroom remodel update ~ the tub has been refinished! Even though the bathroom is far from finished, I had fun today at Bed Bath and Beyond looking for accessories. Do I really want to spend $20 on a toilet brush?


Marj said...

No!(on the T. Brush)go to IKEA--you can probably get one for $1.
That way you can have a new one every day for 20 days :-)
Just bought radishes today also. I didn't think of painting them--now I will. Happy Bathroom finishing!

Catherine said...

We don't have an Ikea - this is northern Michigan remember. We don't even have an Olive Garden:)

I want to get a covered t. brush, and they are $12 at the grocery store!!! So with my BB&B $5 coupon . . .