View Out the Window

This morning I did this painting as a demonstration for my Wednesday morning class. Last week they had requested a long demo and a snow demo. I kept waiting for a nice sunny day to get some great color on the snow so I could get some good pictures to use as reference, but it has been pretty dark here. This is the view out of the end window in my studio/classroom. As I was painting, we did get a few minutes of sunshine.

I started out doing the sky and the shadows using the triad of manganese blue, cobalt violet, and quinacridone gold. It is always fun to use artistic license to change things around a bit. I actually think that's why I like to paint - I am in control of the visual. I could clean up this winter scene and make it look like I want it to. From the looks of the photograph it could use a little cleaning up. I'll have to do this same scene again in the summer when the roses are blooming and the baskets are hanging on the porch next door. But that's a long way off. My friend K. just emailed me a picture of one of my summer classes in her beautiful garden. We have a way to go before we get to that again. Embrace the season - drink hot chocolate.