How Bold!
This is a beautiful deer, but I would really rather it left the gardens alone. As it walked past the neighbor's door on the way to drink from the bird bath, it didn't even care that I sat right there and took pictures. It had been eating a LOT of plants from the garden. This is too much - too bold in broad day light! We live in the city.

Between the deer and the six inch slugs chomping their way through our gardens, we aren't going to have much left. I am trying to figure out what they don't eat, but year to year they seem to be quite inconsistent.

I am working on binding a book for a gift, working on lesson plans and class schedules, printing cards, and I wanted to post some pages from the Summer Kick-Off. The problem is the grandkids - they are not here today and it is too quiet! Focus, Cath, focus.