I had a nice surprise in my in-box this morning - a student informed me that she had forwarded my blog to http://www.jmgartblog.com/ and there in the Nov. 14th entry was one of my paintings and a nice review of my blog! It even mentioned my book. Thanks!!!

I am still working on small paintings. I read on someone's blog a day or so ago that quantity can lead to quality. Makes sense - practice makes perfect. Keep those pencils and/or brushes moving!!!

Last Friday I met with some friends to paint, critique, look at art books, and just see what we have all been working on. Of course we ate some muffins, lunch, chocolate . . .

There are two things that I just can't stress enough: one - have a space of YOUR OWN for doing your art - a place where you can leave it out. If you have to put it away every time you eat or someone is coming over, you will not get it out again! If you can leave it out, it will "call" to you, and you will be ten times more creative. Even if it is on a little cart that you can push out of the way, have it ready and waiting. The other thing is find yourself a support group - or a "support friend" Someone you can paint with. Someone who validates what you do!!! I think this is true in all aspects of life, but ART is what I do, so that is where I want my support and validation.

Okay - that's my lecture for the day. I am starting a new watercolor class in the morning. I have a full class signed up and I'm rarin' to go. Hope they are too. Sometimes I have a little stage fright when I am doing a new class, but think how the new students must feel when it is their first watercolor class! I'll be nice to them. Some of the students aren't new, but I'll be nice to them too.