Blue and White Table Arrangement

The Table Arrangement for our Pretend Christmas Eve
Because of various commitments, we do a family Christmas Eve (and then get together again on Christmas day) a couple of days before Christmas - Christmas Eve Eve.  This year we are doing it Christmas Eve Eve Eve.   That's tonight.

About a month ago the local granddaughters  ( six and nine years old) saw a picture in a magazine using blue and white china vases for a center piece table arrangement  -  so here is their version.  They came over last night and set it up.

The California  kids and grandkids will be spending Christmas at their cabin in the mountains with plenty of snow.  If they can't be here, it is nice to think of them all Christmas-y in the mountains.

It is beginning to feel festive here.  Friend Karen and I went out to lunch today and took our sketchbooks.  After lunch I said how festive that was.  She said, "It must be you  -  there was nothing festive in there."  So - wow - there it is  -  I have the Christmas Spirit! Fun!

Take your sketchbooks to lunch!