Almond Accents

Sketching at the Art Show

Saturday I went with friend Karen to do an art show. I went as a helper and not a participant. Fun! Really fun! It was a nice day away from the routine, and we talked and laughed about anything and everything. It was nice to spend some time with artist friends and see what they had been working on over the winter.

You would have thought with all the booth set-ups and people, I could have found something more interesting to paint than the package of almonds for my salad. Well, I didn't. I didn't really try - I was pretty comfy in my little corner.

This week my new class session starts. We are going to be doing some things in our sketchbooks throughout the eight weeks. I'll have to be on my toes to keep ahead of them - they're a talented and motivated group. But hey, the sun has been shining for the last few days - I'm up for anything.


Music Music Music
From exercising with my mp3 player to listening
to the birthday girl practice her violin.

I had fun with these curvy lined ink drawings. It is hard for me to leave out color, but I decided to leave this as is.

I see the Virtual Paintout is in a very pretty area in Norway this month. Google Maps Pegman and I may just have to take a virtual trip there to sketch.

Right now I am off to clean up the dust ETC. from the bathroom remodeling project. No, it isn't finished, but I have been letting the mess pile up, and tomorrow I start a new class session and don't want to offend anyone with the dust and junk everywhere. And I mean everywhere.