Willow Chair, Second Workshop

The Willow Chair Again

This is a journal painting demo for the second bookbinding/journal workshop. I thought this was a great subject - I loved the way the sun hit the fern and the crazy shadow it made was fun. So I did it for both classes. It was hot, and we could put the chair in the sun while we sat in the shade to paint it.

This is some paper that I am not (was not) familiar with. I can't even remember why I ordered it (but I just ordered more). It is Arches Cover, cream. It is heavy and soft and takes watercolor surprisingly well. Has anyone tried this, and what else is it used for? It folds and stitches well for bound books - I am going to put in more than just a few pages next time.

I'm getting ready for my summer Kick-Off Journal Workshop coming up on Friday. The whole idea is to be outside for the day - "they" are predicting thunderstorms! I have been getting flowering plants that hopefully will be perfect on Friday - the deer ate some of them last night! We're gonna be okay. I have a plan for rain, and I will bring in the plants at night.