Flower Box and Ferns

A Journal Page Demo
In this week's sketchbook journal workshop we have been talking a lot about painting very simply and quickly.  It is not about laboring over a masterpiece.  It is about getting the impression of "here and now" on the journal page.

I understand that it is difficult to take a chance on a page being less than perfect, or even less than good, because someone might look at it, and of course, we will look at it ourselves and feel as if we have failed if it isn't great (or good).

I think that I have  made a dicision somewhere along the line that has made it easier to "let go" and just get it on the page quickly and simply.  There are a lot of things in this world, and if I labor too long over each page, I'm just not going to be able to get to all those things.  If I just do snippets here and there, I'm going to be able to cover a lot more ground.

Decide what it is that made you stop to paint  -  and paint THAT.   Then move on!

This week's class is doing a great job of moving on, but we do talk a lot about simplicity -  just to make sure we don't get too hung up on each little thing.  Because there is another little thing waiting for us  .   .   .   and another .   .   .