Lunch at the Bistro

The Back Door, Another Salt Shaker, and Lunch
I have these posts of the pages in my sketchbook journal so out of order! I'm going to post them anyway - it is presumptuous of me to even think you are paying enough attention to know in what order my sketchbook pages come in my life. If the pages weren't dated no one would ever know (except the friends that do these things with me) how mixed up they are.

This week I wrap up two of my spring classes, and begin one of my summer classes. They really begin in earnest next week, with seven classes in four days. I love that! I just go from class to class meeting with wonderful people doing painting, drawing, watercolor journaling . . .

Let the fun begin!

If you are local, take a look at the class line up. Maybe you'll see something that looks good to you.