This is a sketch I did with Koh-I-Noor Gioconda Artists' Lead and watercolor.
I set up this simple little still life with a painting friend using the cardboard box idea again. I really don't have that down, and I can't find the website where I read about it. Well, whether we are doing it right or wrong, it does add some extra drama to the lighting.

Another painting friend gave me these leads and the holder - they are big fat leads that go in a big fat holder. Not knowing that it is water soluble, I did the sketch on lightweight sketchbook paper. Being a watercolor painter, I just couldn't keep my hands off those brushes - had to see what a little water would do with the lead. So, of course, then I had to add a little color. It was fun, although I don't feel it is a good finished product. If I were to get serious about the combination of Gioconda Lead and watercolor, I would use Arches 140 hot press (smooth) watercolor paper.

But it isn't all about a finished product. It's about experimentation, planning a little (sometimes a lot), discovery, excitement, satisfaction in the moment. The journey - it's all about the journey.