Another painting plan.

This is a sketch I did a couple of years ago. Often, as with this sketch, when I'm working out a composition problem I make notes on the sketch of what I'm thinking. I not only talk to myself, I also write to myself. Whatever it takes.

This little sketch has at least five "patches" on it where I have corrected and adjusted. I have tried this cottage several times and it never comes out the way I intend for it too.

Maybe I'm just not making myself clear when I'm writing to myself.

Our leftovers are gone and our fridge is bare. I guess this is it - the end of a nice long weekend. It is snowing outside and we are expecting a few inches. It is going to look quite Christmas-y by morning, and I'll start gearing up for the next holiday. Oh - this is the end of blog-every-day also. I made it!