More Journals

Good Journal Making Weather
We have been having lots of snow and cancellations  -  good weather to be inside making  sketchbook/journals.  The one on the right is the one I am currently working in, and the other two are new.

It always makes me a little nervous not to have a sketchbook or two waiting in the wings.  What if I had a sudden urge to sketch maddly, and no sketchbook waiting for me?

 An acetate cover keeps them clean. I'm not crazy about the plastic-ness of the covering, but they really do take a beating.

 I'm sitting here listening to the snow plows.  We live on a corner and they go past very fast, very close, they're huge and loud.  I love 'em.

If you live in the north like we do, I hope you're staying warm, and I hope you're loving this extra snowy January.


Contour Drawing/Snow

Demos Done in Classes This Week
These paintings each measure about 6 X 8.  They started out as demonstrations of contour drawing, but with a little encouragement from my students, they turned into snow painting demos.  I didn't do any preliminary planning  -  no thumbnail sketch, value sketch, or composition planning.  The spontaneity of that was fun  -  relaxed and fast.

How is your new year going?  What are your plans and goals?  What have you been working on?  I think we (me?) put too much pressure on ourselves to make a fresh start at the new year.  Well, here it is the 11th of January.  I've run out of planning time.  It's time to DO  -  whatever it is.