One of Those Days

Sketchy Sketches in my Sketchbook
In my attempt to have my sketchbook really be a part of my life, I stood out in the 14 degree weather to sketch my poor sick truck. It only looks smashed up because I was cold - and cold really distracts me. I can take a lot of heat, but when I'm cold I can't concentrate. Anyway.

I woke up this morning and realized my hair was in panic mode, so I walked to my hair appointment. Yes, It was only 14 degrees - maybe 20 by that time, but I am a better woman for it. Better looking too.

And speaking of not concentrating, I realized after I finished tiling more than half of the end wall of the shower that I had done the "pattern" wrong!!!!!! The good news and the bad news - I was able to remove the tile. Should that happen - should I be able to do that?

I had left the battery charger on the truck all morning, and when I went out to start it, it would start, but wouldn't keep running. SO, my husband comes home, goes out there and it starts right up and runs fine. Don't you hate it when that happens!? He knew I would be - um - angry about this, so, sweet heart that he is, he says, "The truck started right up. You must have taken it past it's period of stalling and it's okay now."