Hot Sauce

Sketching at Dinner
This is a quick little watercolor sketched at dinner a couple of nights ago.  The blocks of color on the right are just some color mixing samples used in class today.

This week in my classes we did some review of the basics  -  brush strokes,  the application of paint,  and color mixing.

It may be April, but it is not spring here in northern Michigan by a long shot.  Today it is 33 degrees, dark, and snowing.  This can't last much longer, can it?!

I have been doing very little painting and drawing, but as I begin to get lesson plans and schedules ready for summer,  I'm getting motivated again.  But right now I'm going to snuggle into my big fuzzy blanket on the couch with a cup of coffee and watch the snow fall.  Well, maybe I won't look.