Sunday Afternoon

As part of the Bay View Library Sunday Afternoon Series, "Authors and Artists", I did a paint-along event. First I talked about journal painting, and showed the materials I like to use, then I did a quick demonstration - a watercolor sketch of the front entrance to the Library. I encouraged everyone to give it a try, and some people that painted had never painted before! Was that ever fun! The beginners did amazingly well, and I hope they are hooked. The seasoned journal painters , as always, did some beautiful little paintings.
I really enjoyed the afternoon and would like to make it an annual event. I was planning the event without knowing where I would hold it, when the Bay View Librarian emailed wondering if I would consider doing something with them for their Sunday afternoon series. Neat how that stuff works out.

Thanks to everyone who attended, and everyone that helped. I hope all of the people that were there yesterday painted a little today! If you're reading this, please let me know if you are painting. Or let me know if you are not, and I'll see what I can do!



What a wonderful place to spend a couple of mornings painting!
This lavender farm is only a few miles from us, maybe six. It is a world away when you are there. It looks like nothing I have ever seen. It smells like nothing I have ever smelled. Even the sound of thousands of busy bees is soothing. The very dramatic skies of the past two days has certainly added to the beauty.
Unfortunately, I have nothing "showable" from my painting time spent there. It is very hard to capture the light and texture, to say nothing of the color - but I'm working on it - taking a few notes, doing some studies, soaking it in.
I can see how a person could get very "into" lavender. There is something about it that kind of casts a spell. I guess that is what lavender is all about, isn't it.


This wonderful produce wagon is always at the local farmers' markets. As I sat behind it painting, they began to pack up all of those great, tipsy, white boxes.

What fun to sit behind the market stalls and paint unnoticed. Maybe unnoticed, and it really doesn't matter anyway - well, maybe sometime it does....

I am knee deep in summer! No - up to my neck, and I love it. Classes everyday and getting ready for the Petoskey Art in the Park. This post is to let you know I have not fallen off the face of the earth. This week I have a journal class in Bay View four afternoons, two morning watercolor classes, a class at a lavender farm (!!!) and a demo/paint along at the Bay View Library on Sunday.