What a wonderful place to spend a couple of mornings painting!
This lavender farm is only a few miles from us, maybe six. It is a world away when you are there. It looks like nothing I have ever seen. It smells like nothing I have ever smelled. Even the sound of thousands of busy bees is soothing. The very dramatic skies of the past two days has certainly added to the beauty.
Unfortunately, I have nothing "showable" from my painting time spent there. It is very hard to capture the light and texture, to say nothing of the color - but I'm working on it - taking a few notes, doing some studies, soaking it in.
I can see how a person could get very "into" lavender. There is something about it that kind of casts a spell. I guess that is what lavender is all about, isn't it.

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Tami said...

This looks like a GRAND place to paint and those skies!!! Looking forward toseeing some of these paintings...