Sunday Afternoon

As part of the Bay View Library Sunday Afternoon Series, "Authors and Artists", I did a paint-along event. First I talked about journal painting, and showed the materials I like to use, then I did a quick demonstration - a watercolor sketch of the front entrance to the Library. I encouraged everyone to give it a try, and some people that painted had never painted before! Was that ever fun! The beginners did amazingly well, and I hope they are hooked. The seasoned journal painters , as always, did some beautiful little paintings.
I really enjoyed the afternoon and would like to make it an annual event. I was planning the event without knowing where I would hold it, when the Bay View Librarian emailed wondering if I would consider doing something with them for their Sunday afternoon series. Neat how that stuff works out.

Thanks to everyone who attended, and everyone that helped. I hope all of the people that were there yesterday painted a little today! If you're reading this, please let me know if you are painting. Or let me know if you are not, and I'll see what I can do!

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Love your work"