Ellie's Chili and a Cutie

A cutie in my sketchbook and the recipe for Ellie's chili

I love it that they call these little tangerine things cuties.  I like the boxes they come in.  I like the size of the cuties.  I like the way they peel so easily.  And, they are fun to sketch.

This was done with my Noodler's pen and Noodler's periwinkle ink on Mi Teint paper, which, in this case,  is actually quite green  -  you'd never know it here.  I used watercolor and white prismacolor pencil also.

On the right hand page is a recipe, more or less, for chili.  I say "more or less" because I didn't write down any amounts.  I was supposed to be teaching, not writing down recipes.  I don't know "grillin' beans", but I think they are in the Mexican food section.

We discussed a lot of life's problems in class today, and even got some painting done. Such a fun and supportive group!

Happy painting.  Keep those pencils, pens, and brushes moving!