Apples Painted on Nideggen Paper in my Sketchbook
This has absolutely nothing to do with anything I am doing this week.  Whatever happened to my cloud project?  I haven't given up on it  -  just takin' a break.

These little apples have been hanging around my studio, begging to be painted.

There must be something about this time of year  -  most of  my students tend to get picky and detailed, even though they say that's not what they want. Maybe because  the season has changed, and we have come into a controlled environment, they are trying to be more controlling too  -  as if they should be doing a "better" job because there is no excuse of the distractions that we have painting outside.  Whatever.   I am trying to get everyone (myself included) to swoop through with a loaded brush and get those colors and shapes in with just a few swoops.  Then go back and shape things up with shadows and MAYBE some detail.

Rainy and dark here today!  A nice cozy day to paint with students/friends.  We are painting white objects today.