Soup Terrine

Good Intentions
This is what I had intended to sketch today, but I'm a little busy here! 

The soup terrine is a piece of a partial set of china that has been handed down in my dad's family. Several years ago, my daughter was driving home from college for the weekend, and bringing my mother with her.  As they were walking out the door, my mother said, "Let's take the soup terrine to your mother."  So they packed it in my daughter's basket of laundry for safe keeping on the trip.  

If only soup terrines could talk.  I would love to know where else this has been in the more than 130 years of its life.  Think of the modes of transportation it has seen getting from generation to generation.  

Someday I will sketch this.   It could be challenging from some angles  -  but right now, I am going to get as much done toward tomorrow's dinner preparation as possible.

Wishing a very Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in this part of the world celebrating the holiday tomorrow.