Last Week's Demo

 Concentrating on Lights and Darks   -  7 X 7
This past week we were talking about values in my classes.  Values, as in lights and darks.  I think value contrast is more important than color.

We started out talking about why we want to do a certain subject.  We want to get the "why" narrowed down to such a small concept that it is easy to simplify the scene and get right to the point.  Then we work out the composition and values.

This small painting was done from a photograph and everyone in class saw something different that was their "why" .  To me, it was all about the shadow on the porch.  I was so intent on the shadow and balancing the values, that it took me completely by surprise  when someone asked me how I was going to make the house yellow at that point.  Yellow?  Yeah, the house was yellow.  I was so into the lights and darks, I was really not thinking color!  I don't know if that is good or bad.  Just a little embarrassing.   I think this week I'll show them how to paint a yellow house.