This is a quick little sketch of some poppies next door. They lasted quite awhile - we hadn't had rain. They are gone now, and so are the giant iris.

Watching the flowers come and go remind me of how precious some things are. How fleeting. Each flower has its time to blossom and then another takes over. If they never changed, we wouldn't pay any attention to them.

This was done on hot press paper which doesn't seem to scan as well as cold press. Some colors wash out as they soften.

After a long day of planting I just plopped my weary body down in my periwinkle-blue Adirondack chair with my sketchbook. It was fun, and I like the drawing, and I really enjoyed the process. And sometime next winter when I look through my sketchbook, I will be reminded of the warm sunshine on my back and that wonderful smell of the soil.

Have you sketched a memory lately?
I used a fine Pitt pen on Bogus Rough sketch paper.