Harker Flowers

Love These Colors!
I should work a little harder at getting the shape of this dish.  Another day. Maybe. 

In this morning's class we talked about composition again. We will never stop talking about composition - that's what it's all about.  You could be the best watercolor "technician" in the world, but if the composition of a painting is awkward, it'll never hold up.   I think thumb nail sketches and value sketches are essential to do before getting to the painting, and everyone seems to be slowing down and enjoying the process.

Right now I am going to go paint a couple more little tiny paintings for the Arts Center Christmas show, and I must admit I am not going to do thumb nails or value sketches for them.  They are so small, they are just colorful thumbnail sketches themselves.

Are you thinking about Thanksgiving dinner?  Maybe you could dig out a pretty dish or two and sketch it.  Let me know if you do that, okay?