A Very Snowy Saturday
We had about ten inches of snow over-night and it is still snowing off and on and blowing.   There are 26,000 households in our area without power. We are not one of them, but the power lines are very heavy with snow here in our neighborhood  -  makes me a little nervous.

It was predicted that a snowstorm would hit us about 5 p.m. yesterday, and a little after 4:30 it began to snow.  We haven't had much snow all winter, so everyone was pretty surprised that it actually happened.

What is it about a winter storm that allows you to give yourself permission to do nothing?  Even if you had only indoor things planned  -  no outside activities - you (or is it just ME) suddenly decide you don't have to do them.  It's okay to sit and watch it snow, read, watch a movie, eat eat eat   -  do anything other than what had seemed important to get done today.

Critter report.  It was a mouse.  A very small mouse.