Apple etc demo

Black eyed Susans and Apples  -  Demo
I started my new season of weekly classes this week, and picked some black eyed susans for a little still life.  I went back into the room a few minutes later, and the flowers were strewn all over the table, and Rudy the cat was madly devouring the blossoms.  I knew from past experience they are only mildly toxic. 

Right in the middle of my demonstration, he came in and threw up. Nice. 

The bowl didn't turn out the way I wanted, but at least with a demonstration, I am talking as well as painting my way through it. The students get an idea of what and why I feel it is wrong  -  even if I don't get it right.

Good way to start the new season  -  I paint wonky bowls and have a cat that throws up in the middle of class.  Want to join us here  -  we're havin' some kinda fun! 


White Flowers

Demonstration Page in my Sketchbook
It seems as if white flowers are the most requested demonstration in the summer watercolor journal classes.  They really aren't too difficult  -  you don't paint them  -  you just paint around them.

We have just finished our last bookbinding class of the season, and now, this week, I'll begin my fall watercolor classes.  I had a summer's worth of stuff on my work tables  -  lesson plans, books, lots of sketchbooks, bookbinding materials, ETC!!!  Now I'm trying to put things away in some kind of order, and clean up and make room for students. 

Okay.  I'm running out of steam.  I'll do more studio cleaning tomorrow.  I need to go to bed.  Oh dear, I have to walk past the bag of potato chips  -  that's gonna slow me down.


Playing Around with more Books

A New Style of Journal
at least for me
This journal has an open spine with ribbon as part of the spine construction.  I put drawing paper in it instead of my usual watercolor paper.

We have a couple more bookbinding workshops to go in the next three weeks, and we are already thinking about some fun, new projects to teach next year.

Right now I am a little concerned about my very sloooow progress getting my worktables cleared off and things put away.  This happens to me every year at this time.  I have come in from classes all summer and dumped my things on the tables.  Then I repack for the next day and never really take care of the stacks of things piling up.  Now I can't just put it away  -  I have to re-think and rearrange,  and evaluate what I taught and how I could do it differently next year  -  what I can add  -  what I can subtract.  What I can leave stacked on my tables!

Okay  -  I'm giving myself 15 minutes and those tables better be clear!