Flowers in Harmonious Mug

Last Bouquet of the Season?

Well, not the last bouquet, but it's getting to be slim pickin's.

I still have a couple of workshops to go before my fall classes start the first of  September, but I'm feeling the change of the seasons in my soul.  Dramatic, huh.  

I've been cleaning out stacks of things that I have let pile up between classes during the summer. I'm digging through table linens, looking up recipes, even DUSTING.  I do this nesting thing every fall.  Doesn't everyone?

When I picked this bunch of flowers for the dinner table, Rudy, the cat, thought they were dinner.  He loves loves loves black eyed susans.    OOOPS  -  maybe they are toxic.  YES, they are!!!  But apparently he would have to eat 4% of his body weight.  Some of the symptoms are lethargy and wandering aimlessly.  This is a cat!  When he is not lethargic, he is wandering aimlessly.   Aren't we all.  Or is it just me?


Anonymous said...

Love it! Hard to believe it's the beginning of the end for summer... but I do yearn for cooler weather!
I love how you can take anything and make a sketch/painting. Do you ever do painting from your sketch books?...or just enjoy what you show here? I got a new sketchbook yesterday morning in the mail... Ahh!Have a good day! BJR

Diana said...

I love you blog, it is so relaxing and soothing. I went out and bought sharpies after seeing your work... and have been adding more to my sketchbook. It's fun. Today someone gave me a cannas flower and I 'm going to go get sketching for the watercolor, Take care and keep it up. Diana

Catherine said...

BJR - I do sometimes compose a "serious" painting from my sketchbooks. If I work from photographs I get way too detailed. The sketchbook paintings are already edited down to what was important to me in that scene.

Have you started to work in your new sketchbook yet?

Diana - Love your blog too!

I have read that sharpies are acidic and can, over time, bleed out to brown on the sketchbook page. I don't know this firsthand, but it is something to think about.

I am anxious to see your cannas painting.