Finished and shipped!
I started this in the Fall, but since it wasn't the only thing I was trying to finish or prepare for, it didn't get done for quite awhile. Since the clients need it for Christmas, it has been the current thing on my agenda. In a couple of previous posts I showed the beginning stages of this painting.

It is almost my last painting commitment before Christmas. All I have left is to pack up some cards that someone is picking up tomorrow. That, of course, isn't a painting commitment - it's just a little chore.

My two watercolor classes are doing great! We have been working on "personal still lifes" (or is it lives). Everyone brings in a few objects (or goes around my house and studio picking up a few things) and sets them up in a pleasing arrangement in front of them. They've been working on composition and working in a comparatively large scale on a small piece of paper - filling the paper and running off the edges. They are all coming up with some great shapes and textures - nice little paintings!

Now I will begin to relax and get started on family Christmas preparations. Well - I don't know about the "relax" part - it is December 15th after all and we haven't done the tree and my shopping is barely started and. . . . It is all fun stuff. It'll be fine.


This is the view from my studio window this morning,
Tuesday, Dec. 6th.