Trees and Flowers

Bay View Demonstration - Trees and Flowers

This journal page spread is a couple of demonstrations done in my Watercolor Sketchbook Journal class last week   -  birch trees and bright flowers against a dark background.  I get a little colorful with my birch trees  -  gray is just not all that fun. I use the colors I would use to get gray and let them mix (a little) on the paper.

Yesterday was a fantastic day for clouds  -  huge, very white, and very dense.  I didn't paint them.  Today's class is meeting at a park along the shoreline of the bay, and I'm hoping we'll have some interesting clouds and colorful water.

A couple of frustrating things right now  -  my merchant VISA won't deposit!!! and my computer won't let me access any weather reports!!!  Where does this weird stuff come from?!

And Blogger won't let me use the font I want.