Trees and Flowers

Bay View Demonstration - Trees and Flowers

This journal page spread is a couple of demonstrations done in my Watercolor Sketchbook Journal class last week   -  birch trees and bright flowers against a dark background.  I get a little colorful with my birch trees  -  gray is just not all that fun. I use the colors I would use to get gray and let them mix (a little) on the paper.

Yesterday was a fantastic day for clouds  -  huge, very white, and very dense.  I didn't paint them.  Today's class is meeting at a park along the shoreline of the bay, and I'm hoping we'll have some interesting clouds and colorful water.

A couple of frustrating things right now  -  my merchant VISA won't deposit!!! and my computer won't let me access any weather reports!!!  Where does this weird stuff come from?!

And Blogger won't let me use the font I want.


Gwendolyn said...

I see birches as multicolored, too! Love it!

annie said...

I agree with Gwendolyn, perfect shadows on trees...

Someday we'll discover what it is in the atmosphere that turns machines temperamental.

Anonymous said...

Oh!...it's been so hot here!...and something about the shade that one knows is under the tree looks so inviting. You have captured a bit of "coolness and beauty" on your tree!...and underneath your tree. One can bask in the beauty of it and the flowers!
And those machine-flaws, they come no matter what! ^o^ Me again...BJR

Anonymous said...

the clouds were wonderful. I was taking pictures all day. Sorry for your troubles. Especially the font thing. That is tough. karen

Marj said...

How many times have I tried to paint Birch Trees ala Catherine???
To me, it's harder than it looks. Well, there's Aug. 2010 and we'll try some more! Yours always look so real!

Catherine said...

Thanks, everyone for your comments. My merchant VISA did deposit - at 5 a.m. My husband is still trying to get the bugs out of my laptop so I can get the weather forecast, and Blogger is letting me do anything I want now. Life is good.

I do a birch tree demo about once a day in the summer :) I will still be doing them in Aug. Marj.