Education Garden

Education Garden/Arlington Garden

I have always called this garden Education Gardens  -  I even had a pamphlet about it with that name.  Now I see there is a sign near it that says something like Arlington Park and Gardens.  Whatever.

It is divided into several sections that are taken care of by different non profit groups.  Some of them are beautifully cared for, and some not at all.  There-in lies the education, huh?  See what happens when you don't take care of your garden?!

I am not pleased with the view point in this little painting.  My intent was to show the house way up at the top of the hill, but after squeezing the layers together, I more or less missed the point.  I do, however, like the painting - so, time well spent. I'm happy.

After a busy week of classes and getting ready for an art fair, I really feel like a free woman today, with no outside obligations.  Actually, the reason I have no outside obligations is because I have no vehichle! I don't have classes scheduled for today, so everything can be done by phone and email and maybe a walk downtown.

It's a beautiful, sunny day  -  a good day to take my sketchbook out in my own backyard.


Anonymous said...

I love the pink house peeking out of the greenery...BJR

Catherine said...

Thanks BJR. This is a nice place to sit and paint.