Journal Class

Raindrops Keep Falling on my Painting

It didn't rain enough to stop us.  We kept painting.  

This was a contour (continuous line) drawing, and I was having trouble "connecting" with the line and talking at the same time.  That can be a problem when I'm teaching  -  trying to explain what I'm doing and why.  But it's a good example of "just keep moving  -  it's a SKETCHBOOK" - mistakes, raindrops, and all.

This is a great group, and they are painting up a storm.  We are hoping for sun this afternoon when we go down to the waterfront.  We could use some sparkles on the Bay to make it more fun to paint.  However, we'll take whatever we get  -  it's all about being in the moment and in the sketchbook!


annie said...

I think the drops have a nice effect on the picture, Catherine. Hope they did for everyone else.

Marj said...

Also like the drops on your painting--I saw a wtrclr/sketch of coneflowers that the artist took out in a light rain on purpose for a short time--it was quite an effect. (wasn't me :-) but I wish I had thought of it. I guess that's how we learn from each other.

Claire M said...

I share your love of sketchbook journaling and I'm in awe of your work. Too bad I'm miles and miles away on the West Coast. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

This is so fresh and beautiful. I love your way of simplifying. It is wonderful and inspiring.