New Treasures

Look what I found.
I probably should have been home working on sketches of interiors (as my new year goals dictate) but I never pass up a chance to go bargain hunting with my bargain hunting friend. The blue and white jar was a great find - "as is" for $10. I haven't found its problem yet - maybe that'll be a surprise someday. Then at the next place I found this great rug for $8!!! It is Turkish, but it's not wool and it's not old, but from what I could dig up on the internet, it may be worth about $80. The fringe is a little worn so it fits in well with my old ones, and the white fluffy dog hair that was all but obliterating the pattern vacuumed right off. I'm hoping that the dog hair is all that was in it. Maybe it should have said "as is, fleas and all".

It is snowing today - very wintery again. A couple of friends are coming over and we are going to try our hand at making a couple of very simple journals. Like we need more journals. But, we do need to be together creating something - everyone needs that and should plan it into their busy lives.