Playing Around with more Books

A New Style of Journal
at least for me
This journal has an open spine with ribbon as part of the spine construction.  I put drawing paper in it instead of my usual watercolor paper.

We have a couple more bookbinding workshops to go in the next three weeks, and we are already thinking about some fun, new projects to teach next year.

Right now I am a little concerned about my very sloooow progress getting my worktables cleared off and things put away.  This happens to me every year at this time.  I have come in from classes all summer and dumped my things on the tables.  Then I repack for the next day and never really take care of the stacks of things piling up.  Now I can't just put it away  -  I have to re-think and rearrange,  and evaluate what I taught and how I could do it differently next year  -  what I can add  -  what I can subtract.  What I can leave stacked on my tables!

Okay  -  I'm giving myself 15 minutes and those tables better be clear!