Chalkboard Wall and Don't Cry Over Spilt Gasoline

My Latest Project
I have wanted a chalkboard wall for a long time.  What better place than in my studio/classroom! It was as easy as painting any wall, and that's never really as easy as you think it's going to be.  Just painting this one wall displaced so much STUFF.  I had to wait awhile before I could second-coat it, and then I had to wait three days before "conditioning" it (rub it all over with the side of the chalk and then erase it).  I haven't finished hanging all the paintings or putting everything back on the shelves (to the right  -  out of the picture), but I have managed to sort a lot of things.

I'm not finished with my summer classes and workshops, but I seem to be getting a head start on my fall nesting.

I go about my uneventful little life, and then WHAM, something  ridiculous happens.  I stopped for gas, filled my tank, and THE GAS WOULD NOT SHUT OFF!  What do you do with a nozzle pumping out gasoline when you already have a full tank??????  So the girl inside at the counter says, "Would you settle for $25.50?"  YES!  Just let me the heck out of here!  Here's my $25.50. I won't be back.