Memorial Garden Again

Another nice evening to paint in Memorial Garden in Bay View.
The garden is so well tended and there are so many views that would make a good painting subject - sitting outside the garden, painting in - or sitting inside the garden, painting out. This little painting was done from inside the garden painting out. There are many inaccuracies. The main one being distance - the cottage was actually not this close and the tree was closer. I was looking through more flowers . . . . AND SO ON. After a busy day, just sitting there, soaking in the colors and the quiet with my good friend and painting buddy, is almost enough. But I was there to paint, and I wanted to capture what I could see of the cottage and get the colors down the way I "felt" them, and I did that.

Just before the sun set into the Bay we walked down the street along the water. We really wanted to see the sunset from our friend's garden, so, uninvited, we walked through their beautiful yard, to the water's edge. Thanks Bob and Elaine - we enjoyed the sunset and your wonderful garden immensely!


Is it possible? Is summer almost over? I'm feeling a little sad about that - I didn't do all the summer things we think we are supposed to do. I didn't picnic enough. I didn't even get my feet wet in the Bay. I didn't grill at all. I didn't pick enough flowers . . . . .

But you know - it was pretty great after all. I don't like getting wet. I'm not that good at grilling. I enjoyed my cutting garden just growing there and looking beautiful. And we did have a couple of really great family picnics.

I did what I do - I had lots of summer classes, and I had an absolutely wonderful time doing them. I met soooo many nice people, renewed old acquaintances, and kept the momentum going with year-round students.

I had an email today from someone who said I had given her the courage to participate in a plein air "paint out" and exhibition. Wow - how nice of her to tell me that! And how nice for her that she did it! I'm proud of her! I'm proud of everyone that took a painting class even though they found the idea a little intimidating, and I'm proud of everyone that takes a sketchbook out there into the world and DRAWS and PAINTS! If you have an interest in painting, just doing it enriches your life in ways you wouldn't have dreamed. But that's another post - maybe the next book, huh?

This little painting was done in my Aquabee sketchbook in Bay View Memorial Garden, the last day of the last class . . .



Now I have to get back to work.
I love this picture! It is of part of our gang watching the sunset and disturbing the peace down at the waterfront. We had a farewell picnic with our four generations before the California kids take off for home. The sunset couldn't have been more gorgeous, or the weather better, or the kids cuter. . .

After farewells today, I gave myself permission to do nothing, but now I must get my schedule together for some new classes and get it posted. I'll work on that tomorrow.

A few more summer classes to go - it's not over yet!


Geranium in my moleskine.
My geraniums have been pretty scrawny this year. They actually did much better in the house all winter. Maybe they are old and tired. Maybe they didn't get enough fertilizer. Maybe too much. Maybe they have BUGS. I really do like the shape of them when they begin to sprawl a little - like this one. However - this is one of the better ones.

Mid-August already. The summer schedule has calmed down a lot. I have had a few classes the past couple of weeks and lots of family time. Nice how that worked out.

I have a few classes to go to wrap up the summer season, and then I will get going on a schedule for Fall. I will post it as soon as I lock in some dates.



This is what we've been creating.
We have been decorating our flip flops with pot holder loops! I think we bought the last of the flip flops in Petoskey - perhaps in the whole country. Our daughter searched the Bay Area in California before their trip to Michigan.

I thought it would be simple to take a picture of the girls to show off their creative work - but just try to get three little girls to stand there a second with their feet lined up!

We're having a great time!!!


I conducted a watercolor journal class today for a great bunch of talented ladies. One of them set up the whole thing, hosted it, and arranged for us to paint in two very pretty and interesting gardens.
Everyone brought a dish to pass and we had a delicious lunch with a beautiful view. Can you tell I had a good time? I hope they all did too. They sure had some nice journal pages to remember the day, and I hope they also have some inspiration to keep painting.


Here is part of the group at Kauffman Flower Farm
- all cozy on the porch, journaling. I always say it never rains on my journal classes, however, it has rained twice this year on our journal classes up at the flower farm. The view from the porch is beautiful, there are nice little groupings of pretty things on the porch, and it smells like lavender. Everyone was a good sport and they all painted up a storm - they had some beautiful journal pages to remind them of the day - which I think was a nice day in spite of the rain.


HOT HOT HOT These journal pages were done at Three Pines Studio and Gallery in Cross Village. It was unbelievably hot - for Northern Michigan anyway. We were in the shade of a canopy and there was a great breeze, but the heat did, eventually drive us indoors.
These small journal paintings were done as a demonstration. A nice group of people showed up - Thanks for coming!
My show will hang at the gallery until August 19th.