Lace Tablecloth

One Way to Save It.

I had a tablecloth that had belonged to my great grandmother, and I treasured it.  It didn't hold any family memories for me, although it did have a story, but doesn't everything?  I thought it was beautiful, and I often painted it in still lifes.  The linen was deteriorating, and I thought someday I would sew the lace onto a new piece of linen.  Yeah, right.  One day recently, I unfolded the tablecloth and the lace was literally falling apart in my hands.  Time to give it up.

Because I was going to throw it away anyway, I used it as a stencil to record the pattern of the lace in my sketchbook.

I've been going through things the past few days and really digging out "junk".  The more I get rid of, the more I want to get rid of.  Nice how that works. Now if I can just keep up the momentum!