There is Always Something to Draw

Remember these guys? They are still going strong at our house. I know they are 34 years old. I remember vividly how excited I was to buy the Fisher Price Village for our son for his first Christmas. He was eleven months old. He loved those little people and he could tell if he was missing one. Now the grandkids play with them.

We had some sunshine today! I went outside to put some pine boughs in the window boxes, and the boxes were frozen solid. Of course. What did I think. They are thawing inside and I'll try again in the morning. I did do a LITTLE bit of Christmas shopping. Everything seems to be moving so slowly - no everything is moving quickly, and I am the one who is moving slowly. I need to bake some things this week, I need to have some presents ready for the weekend, I need to finish framing a couple of things . . .

A couple of years ago, I figured out what it is about Christmas that throws me. We go about our little lives, putting one foot in front of the other, trying to keep it between the ditches - and then "they" throw in Christmas. What are we supposed to do with that!? It's not like it's just a fun little diversion - it's a SEASON. You know - the Holiday season? And all this time we are doing the HOLIDAY SEASON, we are also expected to do real life.

It's okay. I have my list. If no one remembers me as an artist, they will remember me as a list maker. And putting something on a list is as good as doing it, right? And right now I am going to go check off some things on my list, because as whiney as this post sounds, I really did enjoy the day, and I really am getting into the Christmas Spirit. Tomorrow I'll get those greens in the window box, I'll make some cookies, and I'll walk downtown and do some more shopping.