White Pitcher

Watercolor done in my 6X9 sketchbook with 140 hot press paper.
I painted with some friends this morning, but we didn't want to do anything too ambitious - just some small studies.

We tried out the new Thai restaurant for lunch. There I was without a camera or sketchbook and everything was so pretty - the dishes, the girls' dresses, the food (except for the slippery looking black things in the soup). The food was great. I ate the slippery black things and they were okay. I ate them because I didn't want to look at them on my plate, and I knew my friend across the table REALLY didn't want to look at them on my plate.

Now I need to get ready for a family Christmas get together this weekend. I have to bake and wrap yet, and it wouldn't hurt to clean up the house a bit. . . It might hurt.