More Journal Pages

Journal Pages
A couple more journal pages from March.  

It was very sunny part of the day today, and that is really a welcome sight now.  I saw a few crocus leaves today along the edge of a big pile of snow in the back yard.

I'm putting lesson plans together for summer  Bay View Watercolor Sketch Book classes.

Crocus leaves and summer lesson plans!  The winter doldrums are beginning to lift!


Journal Pages

A Couple of Days in March
  Finally we are beginning to get some sunshine, the huge piles of snow are melting, and we can even see some grass.  It's brown, but it's grass!

I've been trying to spend a little more time with my journal.  In northern Michigan it will still be awhile before we can get out and sketch and paint. My winter journal pages usually end up being about food.  Some people ski in the winter  -  I eat.

We have a big house project going, and it is very very dirty.  You know what dry wall dust is like  -  this is 120 year old plaster dust!!!  We are tearing down and replacing an old ceiling.  The dust is EVERYWHERE.  Every single thing in the house is going to have to be washed, dusted and/or vacuumed.  It's time for a good decluttering  -  then there won't be so much to clean.