Demo and Lunch

A Demo for the First Friday Kick-Off

The page on the left started out as a demonstration of negative shapes.  Someone in the class asked how I would handle this hanging basket.  I was going to show them how I would handle the negative shapes, but when I put down the positive shape of the basket, I really felt that was all I needed to "say" in the little sketch.  So the lesson turned into "try to know when you have said what you want to say, and then leave it alone".

Last night Bambi ate my orange petunias!!! Darn!  In yesterday's comments Ginny suggested a deer repellant in bags, and one of my husband's library patrons suggested a repellent that comes in (or on) stakes that you put at the corners of your garden.  I think I'll go to the garden center today and buy every repellent I can find.  We live in the city.  This is people territory, Bambi!