Isn't this the cutest cottage! I have tried many times to capture this. I think I did get the feeling of the setting when I was over there painting a few days ago, but missed the color by a mile. Doing the small journal watercolor sketch at least gave me the feeling of the setting. Just being there working on the sketch for awhile imprints something in the brain that helps when a serious painting gets underway at a later time. So now I have some sketches and some good photographs. So sometime soon I will get going on it.
While I was painting this, there was a very cool breeze coming off the Bay, but when I walked down a ways, in the shelter of some cottages, it actually felt like a hot summer day. It was a great day to be sitting out there sketching. We may not have too many more of those days. I don't mind cozy indoor studio work - once I get into the swing of a new season's routine. Routine - did I say that?