Work in Progress

I started this demo in class this morning, working form the sketch I showed here. The class made me promise not to touch it until they could watch next week. That's so hard! Do you think they would notice if I play with it just a little? It is at the point now where everything feels so wrong because it is so unfinished.

We are getting the snow that is being predicted for today and tomorrow. It is just gray and white outside and I can't see the Bay. They are talking about one to two feet - not inches - FEET. I wonder if tomorrow's class will be able to make it. I hope so! I had better go work up a demo for them. AND I'm out of reading material, so I guess I'll email my librarian husband and ask him to bring me home a book or two. It makes me panic to think of being snowed in without a good book!

Have you tried chai tea with a little chocolate in it? Yum!
Stay safe and warm.