Work in Progress

I started this demo in class this morning, working form the sketch I showed here. The class made me promise not to touch it until they could watch next week. That's so hard! Do you think they would notice if I play with it just a little? It is at the point now where everything feels so wrong because it is so unfinished.

We are getting the snow that is being predicted for today and tomorrow. It is just gray and white outside and I can't see the Bay. They are talking about one to two feet - not inches - FEET. I wonder if tomorrow's class will be able to make it. I hope so! I had better go work up a demo for them. AND I'm out of reading material, so I guess I'll email my librarian husband and ask him to bring me home a book or two. It makes me panic to think of being snowed in without a good book!

Have you tried chai tea with a little chocolate in it? Yum!
Stay safe and warm.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say I have been reading your Blog for over a month now. I am a sketchbook enthusiast from Portland, Oregon and I look forward each day to seeing your blog. Thanks for doing it daily for awhile! I love your artistic style, look forward to seeing your book (on my Christmas list), and wish I lived closer so I could join your classes. Thanks so much for sharing as you do - it is really appreciated!

Anonymous said...

YES, we will notice if you work on this painting. We read this blog you know! I may have to come over and take that painting hostage until next week.

Work on something from that stack of unfinished paintings on your shelf! Or, I have lots of books I kid myself into believing I will soon have time to read.

It was wonderful watching this painting begin to take shape today. Karen

Carol C said...

Wow! I have to second that comment from Anonymous. I have also loved your blog for awhile, and really enjoyed your daily writings. I also appreciate your demonstrations of value sketches, preparing for paintings, and posting unfinished paintings. I'm also from the Pacific Northwest, but I think that's just coincidence!---Carol C.
PS. Stay warm and safe!

Marpia said...

You are amazing! I didn't check in on your blog because I was sure you were burned out by doing the Nov. marathon blogging. You surprised me. Now I've signed up for regular RSS Feeds so I won't miss another day!
We folks from Chelsea want to live closer too.