Mid-morning Snack

This is an almost-blind-contour drawing done in ink and prisma color pencils.

I was going to do a little bit more serious painting ( there are MANY degrees of seriousness, you know) of this mini still life, but once I warmed up with the contour drawing I thought I would just do some color on it and call it good.

Now I am going to go get a sketch ready for tomorrow's class. I want to do a landscape demo for them to get everyone back in the groove after a week off.

I could use a little getting back in the groove too. I am going to paint more and eat less.

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Anonymous said...

Ooooooo goodie,we get to watch you paint tomorrow. One of my favorite things. Be glad those plows go round and round cause bunches of snow are on the way.

Glad you've got the blog bug. At least you can stay warm doing it and we can continue to enjoy your work in the comfort of our snowed in homes.