This is a Test

Testing the Waxed Thread

I had mentioned in a previous post that the waxed thread in the handbound journals had caused an area on the paper to resist the watercolor when I painted over it. Well, never mind. When I deliberately burnished the thread on the paper to leave a thin strip of wax, it didn't resist the watercolor. So - no great discovery here. Not that it was going to be that beneficial to anyone, but I thought it might make a nice line in leaves.

The first of my summer eight-week classes started today and it was cold. Those students don't care - they just want to paint - they don't care if it's inside or out. My Journal class was drizzled on a bit, but they didn't care either. Can you imagine spending the summer with groups of people that want to paint, talk about paper, talk art, discuss paint brands, paint some more . . . . I love it!


Lunch at the Bistro

The Back Door, Another Salt Shaker, and Lunch
I have these posts of the pages in my sketchbook journal so out of order! I'm going to post them anyway - it is presumptuous of me to even think you are paying enough attention to know in what order my sketchbook pages come in my life. If the pages weren't dated no one would ever know (except the friends that do these things with me) how mixed up they are.

This week I wrap up two of my spring classes, and begin one of my summer classes. They really begin in earnest next week, with seven classes in four days. I love that! I just go from class to class meeting with wonderful people doing painting, drawing, watercolor journaling . . .

Let the fun begin!

If you are local, take a look at the class line up. Maybe you'll see something that looks good to you.



How Bold!
This is a beautiful deer, but I would really rather it left the gardens alone. As it walked past the neighbor's door on the way to drink from the bird bath, it didn't even care that I sat right there and took pictures. It had been eating a LOT of plants from the garden. This is too much - too bold in broad day light! We live in the city.

Between the deer and the six inch slugs chomping their way through our gardens, we aren't going to have much left. I am trying to figure out what they don't eat, but year to year they seem to be quite inconsistent.

I am working on binding a book for a gift, working on lesson plans and class schedules, printing cards, and I wanted to post some pages from the Summer Kick-Off. The problem is the grandkids - they are not here today and it is too quiet! Focus, Cath, focus.


Salt Shaker at the City Park

Another Salt Shaker Added to the Collection

I love to take my sketchbook to lunch - or dinner. I've started a collection of salt shaker drawings just for the fun of it. They can be done very quickly, and I don't have to paint them if it seems inappropriate at the time to get out my little palette and a brush.

This drawing was done while I was having lunch with friends, and I added the color later, just for the joy of playing with color.

Yesterday was my Kick-Off Summer Journal Workshop. We spent the morning outside until it started to rain, and then we came inside, turned up the heat, and made hot tea. Everyone came up with some great sketches anyway. It just goes to show you, there are things to paint wherever we are.

Keep your eyes open and the brushes movin'.


More from the Bookbinding/Journal Workshop

Cold Pizza and Oranges

My favorite lunch. Unless someone else is fixing it, and then it can be as fancy as they want. There is something about pizza slices and orange wedges that I like drawing. I seem to have a real attraction to variations of triangles, so that may have something to do with it.

I realize I posted lunch from day two of the workshop before I posted day one (the strawberries). That's just the way it is. I may still have some California sketches to post also. I have enough trouble with the chronology of my life, I just can't try to fit my sketchbook and blog posts into a time frame also.

Today is my "4th Annual First Friday of June Summer Kick-Off Journal Workshop". Could I have come up with a longer name for it? I am really looking forward to spending the day with this group of nine talented women as we paint, eat watermelon, and usher in the summer painting season!



Strawberries at the Workshop

This is another journal painting done on the Arches Cover paper. When I made this journal and tied off the thread, which I had added in the middle of the book, I left the tail a little longer than usual. The thread is waxed, and it left some resist marks on the paper.It shows up on the bottom and left strawberries. Have I discovered a new painting technique? Pressing waxed thread onto watercolor paper for a resist design? Or using it as masking? Hmmm - veins in leaves, texture in wood, tendrils, stamens . . .? I'm absolutely sure this is not a big (or new) discovery in the art world, but I'm going to play around with it.


Willow Chair, Second Workshop

The Willow Chair Again

This is a journal painting demo for the second bookbinding/journal workshop. I thought this was a great subject - I loved the way the sun hit the fern and the crazy shadow it made was fun. So I did it for both classes. It was hot, and we could put the chair in the sun while we sat in the shade to paint it.

This is some paper that I am not (was not) familiar with. I can't even remember why I ordered it (but I just ordered more). It is Arches Cover, cream. It is heavy and soft and takes watercolor surprisingly well. Has anyone tried this, and what else is it used for? It folds and stitches well for bound books - I am going to put in more than just a few pages next time.

I'm getting ready for my summer Kick-Off Journal Workshop coming up on Friday. The whole idea is to be outside for the day - "they" are predicting thunderstorms! I have been getting flowering plants that hopefully will be perfect on Friday - the deer ate some of them last night! We're gonna be okay. I have a plan for rain, and I will bring in the plants at night.