Strawberries at the Workshop

This is another journal painting done on the Arches Cover paper. When I made this journal and tied off the thread, which I had added in the middle of the book, I left the tail a little longer than usual. The thread is waxed, and it left some resist marks on the paper.It shows up on the bottom and left strawberries. Have I discovered a new painting technique? Pressing waxed thread onto watercolor paper for a resist design? Or using it as masking? Hmmm - veins in leaves, texture in wood, tendrils, stamens . . .? I'm absolutely sure this is not a big (or new) discovery in the art world, but I'm going to play around with it.


annie said...

Sounds great, Catherine, and would be more flexible and easier to use than a tiny candle. Please let us know what you try? Thanks.

Catherine said...

Annie, I am going to try it as soon as I can find the end of my waxed thread! It's not a new spool - how hard can this be!?

Margaret said...

I am so loving these strawberries. Bought some at a farmers market the other day and ... well, the huge box didn't last long at our house. Made Strawberry pie for the fist time... I have been missing so much all these years!!!

Claire M said...

I love everything about this - the strawberries certainly speak Spring/Summer to me and make me want to go find a Farmer's Market to get my own.

I love how you have painted them and arranged them on the page. It is a lively composition and I love the gingham underneath 'peeking out' from behind.

Just wonderful!!

Catherine said...

Thanks Claire and Margaret!
I have to say that these strawberries are not local - they are from California. Of course that is local for you, Claire, but here in Michigan our berries won't be ready for about two more weeks.