It"s All About the Journey

Creativity Overflowing
 Or Something Like That
With three little girls in the house today, the paint brushes, watercolor palettes, acrylics ETC. were a big draw.  Using the long classroom tables, we had room to paint pictures, roll out clay dough, paint rocks, make coffee filter leaves (a fabulous shade of blue!) .  .  .  Not a lot was finished.  In fact, maybe nothing was finished, but I guess that wasn't the point.  It's all about the journey, isn't it?  I needed this today  -  a day to just be.  We weren't trying to get anything finished, we were just being.  I've been fretting a lot lately about how my time is spent, and worrying more about what doesn't get done, instead of enjoying what I am doing.
Listening tonight to Jeff Talmadge's "Wrong Train"  -   "It (time) isn't lost, it's only spent another way."
Tomorrow I'll spend a little time cleaning up these tables and think about how much fun it was to make this mess..