It"s All About the Journey

Creativity Overflowing
 Or Something Like That
With three little girls in the house today, the paint brushes, watercolor palettes, acrylics ETC. were a big draw.  Using the long classroom tables, we had room to paint pictures, roll out clay dough, paint rocks, make coffee filter leaves (a fabulous shade of blue!) .  .  .  Not a lot was finished.  In fact, maybe nothing was finished, but I guess that wasn't the point.  It's all about the journey, isn't it?  I needed this today  -  a day to just be.  We weren't trying to get anything finished, we were just being.  I've been fretting a lot lately about how my time is spent, and worrying more about what doesn't get done, instead of enjoying what I am doing.
Listening tonight to Jeff Talmadge's "Wrong Train"  -   "It (time) isn't lost, it's only spent another way."
Tomorrow I'll spend a little time cleaning up these tables and think about how much fun it was to make this mess..


annie said...

What I consider a Heavenly day, Catherine. It's so good that you have the tables and room for them to be set up. Not only you, but three little girls will probably remember this perfect time, together, too, for many many years...I'm a total believer in The Journey.


Claire M said...

How awesome to have the space to play! Yes, enjoy the moment and you'll be able to reflect on it another day. Save the clean-up for another time....

Catherine said...

Annie and Claire - I do love this space - it is where I do my classes, spread out big projects, the grandkids play on and under the tables, and my friends come here to make journals etc. For large family dinners we take down a couple of tables and get out the table cloths and candles and we're all set.