Terrace Inn Afternoon Tea

Demonstration in my Sketchbook
Friday was my 3rd annual Afternoon Tea and Sketchbook Journaling at the Terrace Inn in Bay View.  The Terrace Inn is a quaint, old, Victorian Inn in the middle of an association of quaint, old, Victorian cottages on Little Traverse Bay in Northern Michigan.
We were served tomato and bacon bruschetta, chicken salad sandwiches, fruit with Devonshire cream,  and lemon scones, and of course, tea.

Everyone did a great job of painting in their journals! And everyone looked so cute in their "girlie" summer outfits.

I always look forward to the tea  -  it is such fun to get together with old and new friends, and it wraps up a very busy stretch of classes for me.  I still have classes going on this summer and book binding workshops coming up, but the schedule is a little less hectic.

Thanks to everyone who attended, and thanks to the great staff that served us.  I hope everyone will continue to take their sketchbooks to tea, lunch, or dinner.  I hope all of you reading this will too.

I am writing this with three grandkids talking to me and drumming zucchini on the table.  I have no idea what I just wrote.


Sketchbook Demonstrations

A demonstration of negative spaces  -  gingerbread, porch railings,white pots, hydrangeas

A "blob and smoosh" demonstration.
 The watercolor journal class I just finished was a bunch of very talented people painting up a storm.  They were great!  The last day it rained and we spent the afternoon with our sketchbooks on a porch, catching up on things we wanted to be sure and get in before the class ended.

While we were painting and talking, we discovered that in a class of a dozen women, three of us had honeymooned in Quebec City, two of us in the same year, at the same hotel. I love things like that!

Right now I am getting ready for another busy week of classes.  I have seven class "events", capping them off with my third annual Afternoon Tea at the Terrace Inn on Friday. When things slow down, I am going to be a little lost, but I couldn't keep up this pace all year.  It is fun though!


Catching Up

This is a demonstration showing how I would paint a mound of lavender, and also show white lavender growing in the middle of the purple mounds.  The page on the right is a demo of climbing roses. We had a couple of fantastic mornings out at the lavender farm.

The octagon cottage in Bay View  -  a demo showing how I would choose a starting point and move on with a continuous line drawing, showing only the part of the cottage that really interests me.

A beautiful day on Stephens Lane.  There is a nice garden at the top of the hill with huge white daisies against a very dark green background of evergreens.

On the first day of the first Bay View journal class of the season, we painted the bright flowers in the large pots in front of one of the halls on campus.

 ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~
The summer is moving along so quickly, and I am blogging so slowly.  Here I am, still in my jammies, sitting on the porch, catching up a little.  No classes today.  Everyone has gone to the beach. I have been here long enough to have switched from hot coffee to iced coffee.

Last weekend we went to Ann Arbor where the temperature was well over 100!!!  It hasn't been that hot up here, and it has been a perfect summer week  -  sand on the bathroom floor, bathing suits on the line, the kids playing card games on the porch after dinner, and our daughter here for the week from California.

We've been having a wonderful time with the California grandkids!  They have been here since the first part of June. One of them leaves tomorrow, and one will stay for awhile longer.

Next week I will be teaching three morning classes and four afternoon classes. While it is quiet here, I should get things together for next week's classes.  Who knows what might be going on over the weekend, and I don't want to miss anything.

Are you sketching?  Are you keeping cool?