Sketchbook Demonstrations

A demonstration of negative spaces  -  gingerbread, porch railings,white pots, hydrangeas

A "blob and smoosh" demonstration.
 The watercolor journal class I just finished was a bunch of very talented people painting up a storm.  They were great!  The last day it rained and we spent the afternoon with our sketchbooks on a porch, catching up on things we wanted to be sure and get in before the class ended.

While we were painting and talking, we discovered that in a class of a dozen women, three of us had honeymooned in Quebec City, two of us in the same year, at the same hotel. I love things like that!

Right now I am getting ready for another busy week of classes.  I have seven class "events", capping them off with my third annual Afternoon Tea at the Terrace Inn on Friday. When things slow down, I am going to be a little lost, but I couldn't keep up this pace all year.  It is fun though!


Marj said...

O-oooo, so excited to be in the Aug. journaling class! Just finished binding a couple books to use :-)
What fun to discover coincidences like being in the same hotel at the same time--finding out years later!

Catherine said...

Marj - I am anxious to see you AND your sketchbooks : )

Marj said...

Please post some "stuff" from the Afternoon Tea Party :-) Wish I could've been there....!